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One-off Spring Cleaning Services North Finchley N12Busy lifestyles often mean that there isn’t as much time as there should be for cleaning and a quick once over with the duster and vacuum cleaner just has to do. Eventually though your home will need a thorough clean but if you don’t have the time for regular cleaning how on earth will you fit in a whole day of it? We have the solution – book our service for one-off cleaning in North Finchley and let us take care of it for you!

We supply a quality service for a low price that'll suit all budgets and make your home shine. Our professional cleaners use this intensive service to get deep down and remove every trace of dust and dirt giving your home a fresh start. Call us today for a free quote and details on exactly how our one-off deep cleaning can benefit you.

North Finchley One-off Cleaners

How Can Spring Cleaning in N12 Benefit Your Home?

Take a look at the differences between one-off deep cleaning and regular cleaning below and see just how we can help make your home a nicer place:

  • Our professional deep cleaners are very thorough and booking them is perfect for cleaning up when you've had the builders in, if you're planning a party or cleaning up after one, if you're moving in or out, etc. You book the day that's suitable for you and leave the rest to us. Regular cleaning is carried out weekly, fortnightly or monthly at a schedule set by you and will continue until you tell us to stop;
  • It takes a minimum of 3 hours to carry out one-off deep cleaning and may involve one or more cleaners depending on what you need done and how big your home is. Call us with details and we'll tailor a plan and free quote for you. You're allocated a maid when you book regular cleaning that will come each time and clean for as long as you have asked. Our advisers will be able to tell you how long you should allocate depending on what you need doing;
  • We can supply all equipment and detergents for one-off cleaning for just 13GBP extra. When we supply equipment a minimum of 2 cleaners will need to be booked for 3 hours. We can provide professional cleaning detergents at a very good price delivered direct to your door in time for your first visit from your regular cleaner - all we ask you to supply is the vacuum cleaner;
  • One-off cleaning in North Finchley takes longer than regular cleaning. Contact us with details of the tasks you need carrying out, the results that you desire and a description of your property and we'll create a personalised plan for you. Because it's carried out often, regular cleaning takes less time to get great results, but we do recommend that the first visit is extended by 30-60 minutes to allow extra time for your cleaner to get to know you and your property;
  • One-off cleaning is great to refresh your home a couple of times a year, if you're moving house or even as a way to try us out and see if you would like us to come on a regular basis. Our regular cleaning service happens as often as you like for as long as you like. We can also do it for a short period i.e. to cover for another cleaner, help during a busy period whether due to work, a new baby, etc.;
  • There are no obligations for you with either service. We simply carry out the one-off cleaning until your satisfied and continue regular cleaning until you ask us to stop as there is no minimum contract;
  • Both services are hourly based, set by you before they begin;
  • There is no additional charge if you choose weekend or bank holiday appointments for either service;
  • Neither service includes cleaning outside of the property;
  • Other services such as oven cleaning and carpet cleaning can be combined with one-off cleaning. Vacuuming carpets and cleaning appliances can be included in regular cleaning as standard;
  • One-off cleaning doesn't include laundry and ironing although this can be part of the regular cleaning service if the appointment time is extended;
  • You can request the same professional deep cleaners for your next appointment. Similarly regular cleaning is done by your allocated maid for a more personal service, although we kindly ask that you not alter the appointment if possible;
  • Both services offer secure key holding to allow you to get on with your day while we get on with the cleaning.

One-off cleaning includes: vacuuming and mopping; dusting; polishing; lime scale removal; cleaning inside and out of wardrobes and cupboards; internal and external window cleaning; intensive bathroom cleaning, including tiles, grout, floor, toilet, sink, etc.; cleaning skirting boards; appliance cleaning (please ensure freezer is defrosted); cleaning doors, handles and light switches; and professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, oven cleaning and more - please call for more details.

Regular cleaning includes: vacuuming and mopping; dusting and polishing; dish washing; laundry and ironing; tidying and folding clothes; changing bin bags and taking out the rubbish; changing bedding; internal window cleaning within reach; cleaning bathroom tiles, floor, sink, WC and mirrors; cleaning skirting boards, doors, door handles and light switches; general clean of kitchen appliances; etc. Please download our cleaning checklist for more details.

Choose Us to Carry Out One-Off Cleaning in North Finchley!

When you decide to book with us you are choosing a company with a great reputation that will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy and you can also enjoy:

  • Professionally trained cleaners that we constantly motivate so that they are happy and eager to get your home clean and do so with a smile;
  • Customer advisers that are available to assist you 7 days a week;
  • Regular quality control to make sure that our standards stay high and our prices stay low;
  • The security of dealing with a professional company fully covered by Liability and General Liability insurance to protect you, your home and us.

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